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First Day

First day at the new job went well. Lots of orientation type things and sitting in front of a computer for training videos. It’s a relief to have some education for what I will be doing, the accounting firm provided next to none and I had to Google how to do my job there!

Best of all, I signed up for direct deposit. Everything is computerized everywhere nowadays and coming from the stone ages at the firm this is new and exciting for me.

Looking forward to more of the same today. A complete no-stress situation for now is a treat.

Staying Above the Waterline with part-time pay starts now…

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I get to wear jeans to my new job! I can’t tell you how excited I am by this! After wearing what I referred to as my ‘monkey-suit’ all these years, I will finally get to wear clothes that I will feel comfortable in all day. And I can wear a long sleeve shirt under my work shirt if I so desire, which I do, because I like to be warm.

I currently own 3 pairs of jeans that are suitable for work. The others are uncomfortable for bending and general moving about, we all have those jeans… I’ll be working 4 days a week for now and I only do laundry when I have a full load. Since it sounds like I’ll be getting them dirty each day I think I should live dangerously and buy another pair.

Old Navy jeans are just about the only jeans that fit me right, both my body and my budget. And they last a long time, too.  Right now they’re having a sale, 50% off jeans – what timing! I picked out a pair to try on in my size. I always try them on. I’ve been burned too many times by online orders of multiple jeans of the same style and same size and they all fit completely different. This pair fit great! I also found a black long sleeve shirt on clearance, joy! I had a coupon code from doing the survey on my last Old Navy receipt that was good for an additional 10% off my entire purchase. All in all my total was $19.13 including tax, I saved a total of $16.97.

I start my new job Tuesday 🙂



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With my new job I will get a 15 minute lunch break since I’m classified as part-time. No problem! I eat pretty much the same thing every day…

img_3178Meat, cheese, and yogurt. Specifically, 5 slices of meat, 3 slices of cheese, and 1 container of yogurt (or yoghurt as they spell it.) This takes the guess work out of planning my lunch. I no longer stand in front of the refrigerator staring into oblivion like I can’t believe someone didn’t already make me a sandwich and leave it in there for me.

One hunk of meat and one block of cheese will last me all week. This is great for my budget, too! No waste, no forgotten lunchmeat going bad, no more bread going stale. And at a quick glance I can tell if I need to get to the store soon.

I’ve been maintaining this food system for at least 2 years now. I have been packing my lunch for years and years to take to work or if I know I won’t be back home in time to eat on the weekends and such. Only time will tell if the activity level at the new job will require me to eat more since I’ll no longer be driving a desk all day.

So, yah, 15 minutes for lunch, no problem!