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Guinea Pig Hay

We have 3 guinea pigs. My daughter wanted to have a pet for as long as I can remember.  I didn’t feel we had enough free time to offer to a dog and I’m allergic to cats so we agreed on a guinea pig.

We borrowed 4 books about guinea pigs from the library and I required my daughter to read them all so she would understand that while, yes, they are cute, they also require some effort. We both read each book, cover to cover. I learned a lot, too, and subsequently felt a little guilty about the care I offered my guinea pigs way back when. They are a social animal and it is recommended that you acquire more than one so they won’t get lonely. So we purchased 2 guinea pigs from the local pet store a few years ago and then we adopted another from a friend who needed to move out of state and couldn’t take the pig with her.


Everything has been going along just fine with the pigs until recently when I noticed the quality of the hay I was buying just hasn’t been the same as when we got started. It seems like I’m buying a big bag of ‘dust’ lately, the equivalent of which we called ‘shake’ at the horse farm. It’s like buying a bag of potato chips that’s been smashed: still potato chipsimg_3187 but not quite as appetizing and makes a big mess. I end up dumping the unappealing leftover contents of their hay bin every night into the compost bin. I’ve tried every brand of hay the pet store carries and sadly they are all disappointing. I even inspect each bag closely to make sure I’m buying some good stuff but it’s like the machine that bags it puts the big pieces on the outside and stuffs the center with crumbs. Frustrating given the fact that I’m buying a big bag at least every month for between $17 and $20 and pitching over half of it into the compost bin outside.

My mom, the ever helpful happily willing presence in my life, found a website that specializes in good quality hay for small pets. I will be giving the company a try in hopes that my dollars will finally be well spent. I hope the pigs will be happier, too!




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