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Groceries on a Budget

Grocery shopping was never really a concern of mine until recently. I used to stroll the aisles not only picking out what I needed, but what I wanted. Stocking up on items that would sit in my freezer or in my cupboard for weeks or even months. This is going to have to stop! Transitioning from a full-time position to a part-time, less money per hour, position is forcing me to rethink my grocery/cooking strategy.

I’ve always been a coupon clipper, quite aware of how much I spend on groceries each month by tracking my spending in Quicken. I take the time to load my grocery card with e-offers from the grocery store website and make choices based on sale items.

My average cost for a trip to the grocery store has always been around $150 – $200, health food store $40 – $80. I’m used to spending $600-$800 a month on groceries (which includes household items, too, like paper towels, cleaning items, toilet paper, etc.) Now I need to really work on cutting that expense down and only buy what we’re going to consume that week. My goal is to cut my monthly spending in half!

This is my most recent receipt from the grocery store. As you cimg_3167an see I’ve been using coupons and in-store sales to my advantage. Total 12 month savings: $538.48. I have also been diligently completing the survey on each receipt in hopes of supplementing my grocery budget.

The grocery store also offers discounts, called fuelperks!,  on gas for the car. For every $50 I spend on groceries I earn $.10 in fuelperks!. This adds up over time and significantly helps reduce my vehicle expenses.

This trip’s savings totaled $9.39 from a combination of sale items and coupons. Let’s see if next time I can do better.

Staying Above the Waterline with regards to food is going to be challenging…



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