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Squirrel Guard

My mom contributed this to my bulb growing efforts:


I hope this helps keep the squirrels from digging and taking the bulbs. I need some kind of ‘pins’ to hold it in the dirt but it’s ok like this for now. Also, looks my dirt settled in this pot. The others didn’t settle like this, must be the pot without the Styrofoam peanuts and various types of dirt. I’ll add more dirt when I get more. It’s raining a little bit today so I’m rotating the ‘squirrel guard’ among the bigger pots with the pieces of wood.

img_3163-1This pic is a little fuzzy – Run squirrel, run! Seems to be working already… I need to find more of these but the closest thing to it I can find are round bakers’ racks for cooling cookies. They not too expensive on Amazon so I’ll keep an eye on them and see if the price drops on them. This biggest I can find are 8.5″ and they have smaller 6″ ones, too.

I can’t wait to see these bulbs emerge from the dirt! The bulbs that are scattered randomly throughout my yard are up so I hope with a little sun and water these guys will catch up. Some of them already had sprouts when I planted them so I figure if they’ll grow in a bag in the garage they’ll grow in a pot!



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